Air Ambulance


Air Charter and Emergency Medical Evacuation Services

At Flight Way, we specialize in providing not only luxury private jet travel for leisure and business but also urgent medical evacuation flights worldwide. Our expertise allows us to handle the most demanding missions with precision and care.

When time is critical, you can rely on Flight Way’s support. The specialized aircraft (Medevac configuration) are fully equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, ensuring rapid and safe transport.

Our Medevac service includes:

• Ambulance: Ground transportation from pick-up location to the aircraft

• Medical Transfer Team: Expert medical staff to escort the patient from the hospital and ensure continuous care until arrival at the destination clinic.

• Isolation Capsule: For safe transport of infectious patients, if required.

• Specialized Medical Aircraft: Equipped with Intensive care unit (ICU) module.

• Ground Transfer: Additional ambulance service to transport the patient from the aircraft to the medical facility.

Coordination and Execution

To ensure prompt and efficient medical evacuation, we require the following information:

• Patient’s Passport: Essential for identification and travel arrangements.

• Medical Report: Detailed condition report signed by the attending doctor.

• Attending Doctor’s Contact: Name and phone number for coordination.

• Invitation Letter: From the receiving medical facility to confirm acceptance.

Contact Us

For more detailed information about our medical evacuation services, do not hesitate to reach out whenever needed. We are committed to providing the highest level of care and efficiency to meet your urgent needs. Let Flight Way be your reliable partner in critical times.

Air ambulance aircraft fleet

Piper Cheyenne III
Gyor, Hungary
Turbo prop
2 seats
Falcon 50
Lyon, France
Super midsize jet
10 seats
Falcon 50 B
Djibouti, Djibouti
Super midsize jet
9 seats
Piper Cheyenne III
Gyor, Hungary
Turbo prop
2 seats
Learjet 45XR
Belfast, United Kingdom
Super light jet
6 seats
Citation X
Bangkok, Thailand
Super midsize jet
8 seats
Pilatus PC-12/47E (NG)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Turbo prop
7 seats
Hawker 800XP
Singapore, Singapore
Midsize jet
3 seats
Falcon 900EX
Merignac, France
Heavy jet
14 seats