Representative at the airport

The role of its own representative at the airport is very serious. During the preparation of a private aviation flight for departure, it performs a list of important tasks. The representative at the airport interacts with the crew, airport staff, representatives of the catering company, coordinates the admission of cars to the VIP terminal and solves many other issues that arise in the process of organizing a private flight.

The representative at the airport monitors all stages of preparation of the aircraft for departure and, after receiving the readiness of the business jet for departure, reports on its readiness and invites passengers to boarding.

The representative coordinates the time of arrival of passengers at the airport and, in case of delay of passengers for departure, informs the crew and airport services about the need to postpone the departure time. The representative controls the departure time, informs all interested parties and waits until the aircraft leaves the Moscow air zone.

A representative of our company meets passengers in the VIP terminal during the arrival of a private flight, controls the baggage collection and is at the airport until the passengers and crew of the aircraft leave the airport.