Group Charter

Chartering an aircraft to transport company employees, sports teams, fans or tourist groups allows you to plan your own events according to your own programme rather than conform to the schedules of airlines' regular flights.

Group Charter allows you to plan your own schedule, choose the departure airport and meals for passengers and do much more. You can brand the cabin if you so desire. At the airport and during the flight, you will be accompanied by a professional Flight Manager, who will take care of all organisational issues.

Group Charter with Flight Way means flying strictly on schedule, separate check-in desks at the airport, passengers' luggage will never be lost and no one will be late for a flight.

Arrange the perfect corporate charter

Years of experience in airport and airline structures allow us to arrange the perfect charter flight at the best price for 19 to 1,000 passengers on Boeing, Airbus, CRJ 200 or SSJ-100 aircraft. Renting a jet for a corporate flight allows you to enjoy all the benefits to their fullest: a personal schedule and route, the freedom to choose the airport, and meals from the best restaurants. We're ready to arrange your departure from a separate VIP terminal or the airport's concourse. And we'll also arrange a transfer, if necessary.

How it works:

  • 1. You submit your request detailing the date, route, number of passengers and food preferences.
  • 2. Within a few hours, we'll check the availability of aircraft and confirm the technical capability and the cost of the flight.
  • 3. After signing a contract, we proceed to securing the flight and arranging the flight details.
  • 4. On the day of departure, our representatives at the airport arrange separate check-in desks and assist as much as possible in the registration process and passenger customs and border clearance. If necessary, we also promptly make changes to the passenger list.
  • 5. After check-in is complete, we oversee the passenger boarding process. You can be assured that the aircraft won't depart until all passengers have passed the boarding process at the airport, and if a flight delay is required, we will reschedule the departure time.
  • 6. During the flight, your personal Flight Manager will be ready to answer any of your questions and promptly coordinate any changes which have occurred.
  • 7. After the flight arrives at the destination airport, the Flight Manager will take care of all details at the airport and arrange baggage delivery.

To order a corporate charter, just submit your request or contact us by phone. Please submit your request and we'll provide a free calculation of the charter flight cost. We work with agencies, corporations and individuals. Your charter is in our safe hands.