The price of helicopter rental

The average cost of a helicopter rental starts at EUR 500 per hour. For example, the cost of a Robinson 66 helicopter rental is about EUR 520 per hour, and the cost of a Eurocopter EC130 helicopter rental is about EUR 1,100 per hour.

It should be taken into account that the helicopter must fly to the point of passenger embarkment or disembarkment and then fly empty to the base. Of course, passengers pay the cost of empty flights.

When renting a helicopter in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Chambery or Saint-Tropez, it will be waiting for you at the airport or in any other previously agreed location.
Our company will find a helicopter located as close as possible to you and will help reduce the cost of a helicopter rental to a minimum.

Please submit your request and we'll offer you the best and most dependable helicopters.