Charter for wedding

Imagine that wedding events start at a separate airport VIP terminal, where airport staff personally meet the guests and the pilot shakes hands with the main passengers in front of the airstairs.

We've completely changed the idea of arranging a charter flight for wedding guests. Your holiday starts right at the airport.

Our company is ready to arrange a personal charter where you're surrounded by those dearest to you. Customised headrests decorated with colourful hearts, personalised menus for passengers and the friendly flight crew will leave you with warm, unforgettable memories.

Choose an aircraft based on your preference, such as a large 150-seat Boeing or a small private business jet with 10–15 seats. Gulfstream, Challenger, Global, Falcon or Embraer Legacy are available for your flight from Vnukovo-3 24 hours a day.

Contact us and we'll tell you how to turn a wedding flight into an unforgettable event.